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Welcome to the AMD Certification Program

The Association of Millwork Distributors launched the AMD Certification Program in collaboration with the buy januvia uk National Accreditation and Management Institute (NAMI) in 2009.  The AMD Certification Program offers a variety of door related third party certifications through the AMD Certification Program. 

The newest program is structural certification to AMD’s new performance standard the ANSI/AMD 100-13, Structural Performance Ratings of Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems and Procedures for Component Substitution.  The AMD 100 was developed by industry consensus, is ANSI-approved, and referenced in the International Residential Code (IRC). 

Our mission is to educate, clarify, simplify and make participation in the AMD Certification Program as economical as possible.


Certification Program - World Millwork Alliance


Three Easy Steps to Getting Started:


Step 1: Complete the:  Online Request for License Agreement Application


Step2 : Download the: AMD Sponsored/ NAMI Validated Certification Program Enrollment
                                                    Procedures & Checklist


Step 3: Sign AMD License Agreement, complete Authorized Personnel

Form, and return both to NAMI