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AMD Codes & Standards

The AMD Codes & Standards section provides news and information specific to the millwork industry on new and existing codes, programs, and standards at both the state and federal level.

The content provided in this section is a resource and reference for information related to latest news items, as well as education, advocacy and networking opportunities on regulatory compliance matters, issues regarding building codes and standard development, and federal legislation and programs.


March 2014


What’s Next for AMD 100?


• Reference to using the AMD 100 for wind load performance requirements will be reflected in the 2015 edition of the International Residential Code (IRC). This year AMD will be targeting specific state regulatory bodies that would consider incorporating reference to the AMD 100 in their state building codes. By May 1, 2014 an action plan will be in place in contacting regulatory bodies


• AMD is working with NAMI to provide an AMD 100 certification/labeling program. Procedural guidelines for using the AMD 100 have been drafted and will be reviewed by members of the Industry Standards and Certification Committee (ISCC) in April. The AMD 100 certification program is scheduled to be made available this summer (July 2014).


• The AMD Industry Standards and Certification Committee will be convening next month (April) to discuss AMD 100 Procedural Guidelines, the AMD 100 Certification Program, and potential target states to propose code changes that reference the AMD 100.

AMD ANSI/AMD 100-2013   
Structural Performance Ratings of
Side-Hinged Exterior Door Systems and Procedures for Component Substitution

The ANSI/AMD 100 is a structural standard for Side-Hinged Exterior Doors (SHEDs). It uses the ASTM E330 test method to obtain a full system design pressure rating. Once rated, the standard defines methods for qualifying door system components for substitution in the rated system, such as door frames, hinges, locking systems, door slabs, doorglass assemblies, sidelights, transoms, mullions, astragals, and thresholds. Slab stiffness testing is outlined in the standard and is used as a means for determining component substitution.


ANSI/AMD 100 Standard  AMD
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