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Created: November 7, 2012

AMD 100 Validation Project Sponsors

The Association of Millwork Distributors has reached out to its members for support of the AMD 100 Validation project and the response has been greatly appreciated.  A special thanks and acknowledgment goes to the following AMD members who graciously responded to AMD’s Call to Action for Donations for the AMD 100 Validation Project.  Their generous donations move AMD ever closer to completing the testing process.  

The following members have provided door assemblies or door slabs for testing, or existing E330 test reports for review, and/or monetary donations for testing costs:

AMD 100 Validation Project Sponsors:

Bridgewater Wholesalers, Inc.
Brockway-Smith Company
Consolidated Distribution Services
DW Distribution, Inc.
Milliken Millwork, Inc.
McIlwee Millwork
ODL, Inc.
R.S.L., Inc.
Reeb Millwork Corporation
Simpson Door Company
Therma-Tru Corp.


Project Background

The AMD 100 standard has been drafted and is going through a validation process at this time, which is a critical step in finalizing the standard. Through the validation testing process, AMD is seeking to confirm that the procedures for component substitution used in the standard are correct, and that they provide for consistency, accuracy, and predictability. To give the AMD 100 the backbone it needs to stand on its own, the Association has been testing the various aspects of the standard to confirm its accuracy and measure its tolerances.

AMD’s contractor for the validation project is Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI), an independent third-party testing laboratory located in York, Pennsylvania. ATI has been reviewing the standard and providing feedback. ATI is also reviewing and comparing existing E330 test reports, and conducting additional E330 testing in relation to component evaluation.

To find out more about becoming an AMD Sponsor and how you can assist in supporting the AMD 100, please contact Jessica Ferris, AMD Director of Codes and Standards at