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AMD Kicks off 50 Years with a Name Change

October 21, 2014  -  The Association of Millwork Distributors 1(AMD) is meeting this week in Tampa, but as of a  few hours ago they are now meeting as the World Millwork Alliance. The name was announced as part of the group’s  opening session this afternoon.




AMD Members "Lay it all Out" in Industry Roundtable

October 21, 2014 - Members of the Association of Millwork 2Distributors participated in a roundtable session yesterday where they were able to ask questions and share concerns. DWM/Shelter Editor Tara Taffera was lucky enough to sit in at one such discussion  and learn what is keeping members up at night and what they are happy about  post-recession.


ODL Presents Door Glass Design to AMD Board of Directors

October 23, 2014 - In honor of this year's 50th Association of 3Millwork Distributors' (AMD) Annual Convention,  ODL Inc., presented the AMD board of directors with a customized door glass  design for its headquarters entryway.




AMD Offers Practical Advice for Convention Attendees

October 20, 2014 - Attendees at the Association of Millwork 4Distributors (AMD) Annual convention attended educational sessions today before the exhibits and  trade show kicks off in earnest tomorrow.  David Mayer of Houzz detailed  how this social media site can change the home remodeling and design process for homeowners and trade professionals.

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