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To engage emerging young leaders in the millwork industry sector and provide them with a comprehensive experience to gain the knowledge and tools needed to take on leadership roles within their profession.


GenerationNEXT provides the opportunity for a new leader to join a cohort of individuals to learn best-practice approaches, practical life skills, and the wisdom to lead a fulfilling and successful role within their industry.


The World Millwork Alliance (WMA) GenerationNEXT (GenNext) was implemented and intended to educate the only today where to buy cialis canada young professional and to provide networking opportunities and quotations fda levitra the resources for each GenNext to acquire the professional demeanor and confidence to address today’s challenges in the work place and industry.



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Committee Participation & Criteria

GenerationNext Information and Guidelines

I. Who Can Belong to the GenNext?
WMA members that are up to 35 years of age.

II. GenNext Commitment
Those individuals which agreed to become an active participate; supporting the GenNext Mission, Purpose and Objectives as defined and stated.

III. Communication and Roles
WMA GenNext Conference Calls

GenNext conference calls should be scheduled to discuss items as related to the communications and improved uk mail order viagra growth of the GenNext via WMA, events, education, marketing and goals which involve WMA directly; such as, funding, planning, staff involvement, liabilities, etc.

The GenNext group members will meet periodically via telephone conferencing through the conference call number provided by WMA. A conference call agenda depicting subject matter for discussion and a time frame will be communicated to mexico viagra the group by the GenNext Liaison in a timely manner for an appropriate RSVP to the conference call. A majority must be present for the viagra drugs online guide conference call to take place or the conference call will be rescheduled. All conference call minutes will be prepared to the GenNext Liaison.

IV. Roles and Responsibilities
Role of the WMA GenNext Liaison

A GenNext Liaison will be appointed amongst the group to serve a period of mexico levitra no prescription one-year, but no more the two years. Second year is we use it brand levitra determined by the majority vote of the GenNext group and providing the member meets the age guidelines.

The GenNext Liaison role is to communicate all conference calls, format agenda, prepare all conference minutes according to WMA format. On behalf of the GenNext group, the liaison will provide and communicate directly to the WMA Chief Executive Officer, or designated WMA staff, the prepared conference call minutes for approval, address topics, subject matter, group suggestions, recommendations or issues. The GenNext Liaison conveys information on behalf of the group; him /her but does not initiate or have the authority to canadian pharm propecia online override suggestions or recommendations made by the group and does not function as a sole entity.

The GenNext general membership role in these conference calls is to review, participate and contribute to the conference call agenda for the purpose of developing initiatives, guidelines and buy cialis no prescription required direction for the group resulting in an enriched GenNext as a whole.

WMA Chief Executive Officer Role
The WMA Chief Executive Officer has the in canada buy viagra update fiduciary responsibility to the WMA membership, leadership and officers of the organization to communicate the role, process, strategies, objectives or actions as a result of an outcome of any association committee, group, and task group or ad-hoc committee functioning on behalf of WMA or associated with WMA. The WMA CEO may choose to participate in any or all GenNext conference calls or assign a designated staff if he/she chooses. Suggestions and recommendations should be brought forward directly to the CEO for further consideration. All suggestions and recommendations by the GenNext which involve WMA or any entity of viagra now WMA are subject to approval by the CEO and/or WMA Leadership.

The Role of the WMA Leadership
It is the duty in accordance with the WMA Bylaws that the Second Vice President acts as ex officio chairman of all WMA committee and groups and it is at the discretion of the Second Vice President to determine the participation level in the committees and groups in reporting to viagra online buy the Board of Directors.

V. Other Communications
Email-Internet Options
The GenNext may elect to provide alternate communications via get levitra online recipes email or internet (e.g. linked-in) as a method of communication amongst one another as a GenNext. This method of communication is provided for the sole intention of addressing industry content and cialis soft tablets networking with peers from a professional stand point and for information and education purposes only.

Any individual that does not adhere to the GenerationNext guidelines will be excluded from the it's cool lavitra online no prescription group.

WMA reserves the right to modify or alter the GenerationNext guidelines at any given time.